Apply to ICS

Apply to ICS

Although Progressio is no longer recruiting, our ICS partners are, so click here to apply to ICS and do something amazing. 

Are you aged 23 - 35? Would you be able to help facilitate a group of young people from the UK and a developing country work together on development projects? Are you looking to develop your leadership, organisation, or language skills, or gain experience in youth work or community development? 

If yes, then the role of Progressio ICS Team Leader may be just what you're looking for!

As a Progressio ICS Team Leader, you will be working with a small team of UK volunteers aged 18-25 on their 12 week overseas placement alongside an equal number of young volunteers from the local community. This will mean supporting your team members to actively participate in the project, have a positive development impact in the community, keep motivated and stay safe.  

The Team Leader role is challenging but also immensely rewarding. You will be paired with another Team Leader who will be from the country where you are working, and together you will:

  • Provide support, supervision and leadership to your team
  • Facilitate an equal partnership between UK and in-country volunteers 
  • Conduct regular one-to-ones with your team members
  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Support volunteers with their learning and reflection
  • Liaise directly with Progressio in-country staff 
  • Address discipline within the group 
  • Complete relevant paperwork.

What we are looking for

Whilst many of the things we look for in Team Leaders are similar to what we look for in all our ICS volunteers, such as a positive and realistic commitment, flexibility and adaptability and the ability to work with others, we also look for organisation, facilitation and leadership skills.

We prefer individuals who already have some relevant experience, usually either in leading teams of young people or of living and working overseas.

Speaking Spanish is not a requirement for those who want to be Team Leaders in Central America. However, we advise Team Leaders to make a commitment to learning some basic Spanish before and during the placement. The more Spanish you know, the easier you integration will be! 

Just like all other ICS volunteers, Team Leaders need to fundraise a minimum of £800 before their placement and commit to undertaking some kind of action at home on their return to the UK.  

We have a comprehensive role description for Progressio ICS Team Leaders that also includes a detailed person specification. Please read this through very carefully before deciding whether or not to apply.

How to apply

You can apply for the Team Leader role using the same application process as for all ICS volunteers - when filling out the form, you will be given the option to say if you are applying as a Team Leader. 

If you think this is the role for you then apply now!